What awaits at Wirksworth Festival…

pink sense of proportion pink untitled

The fabulous Wirksworth Festival is just around the corner. Weeks of creative events kicking off with the Artists Trail weekend…chance to views over one hundred artists’work and buy Art direct from the maker. If Art ain’t your thing there’s plenty of street food and live music to keep you entertained.

It always takes me by surprise how quickly it’s upon us after the summer break ( I’m a slow learner) . I’ll be showing some new work at this year’s festival ( venue no. 1 ,Grants of Derbyshire, on the Market Place), as well as new editions of some older pieces .

The latest view of Wirksworth ( Pink Landscape) is a little quirky , even for me. It reflects my love of this town…vibrant, arty, cosmopolitan and yet as Derbyshire as an oatcake … For the moment the piece is textile but I have plans to make a ceramic version soon. I’ve also produced a new ‘Sense of Proportion’ venturing further into the pink colour scheme with textile and wire.

The more sensible ‘One in a Million’ …read into it what you will, is a combination of wire, textile and porcelain.Come along and say ‘hi’ if you are able, otherwise please ‘like’ my Facebook page zoemarshartist and please continue to follow my intermittent posts when you have time…..

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