Summer 2017

Backbone.JPGLots has happened since I last updated but to summarise I have finished two new images; ‘Backbone’ and ‘Tidelines 2017’. I’m really excited about the former as it continues the abstract theme in my work and has a personal resonance for me. It is intended as a reminder to stay strong and not to give in to the voices that say ‘ you can’t ‘, or ‘ you don’t deserve it’ . Negative thoughts can have such an all-encompassing effect on your life ..I was in such a different place a few years ago…and I am determined to ‘grow a backbone’ and not to let anxiety rule my life any longer.

I entered the Ashbourne Open Art Exhibition this summer , the first competition in years , with absolutely no expectations whatsoever. The competition was stiff and the panel included long time Art heroes of mine, Maggie Cullen and Lewis Noble. Winning was a complete surprise – so much so that I turned up AFTER the presentation! The winning piece was ‘Cross O’ Th’ Hands’ in ceramics (below).

Cross o the hands.jpg


‘Tidelines’ was inspired by two visits to a particular beach near a friend’s house in South Devon. Initially I was amazed by variety of pebbles , all different, all beautiful. I brought a few home ( I know I shouldn’t!) . The next summer I visited the same friend and the same pebble beach , to find just sand … The pebbles had moved on with the tide . I couldn’t believe the transformation within a year. Take it as a metaphor if you like……

Tidelines 2017.JPG

Last time I worked on this theme I had to rely on the glaze expertise of a good friend to recreate the pebble colours and textures. This time I have been able to complete the whole process independently with different but hopefully, successful results. Copper wire represents the ebb and flow of tides.

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