Sorry Flowers

My new project is quite a departure from the landscapes and less autobiographical than the spines and wire figures. The idea begun about a decade ago when I visited the studio of Royce Wood Tiles. Peter encouraged me to produce some creative ideas for his ceramic tiles and I took the opportunity to brainstorm in the form of a sketchbook. Most ideas weren’t very practical for his business but I have started to revisit them since acquiring my own kiln. Flowers as a gift are a bit of a romantic cliché so I want to introduce another level of imagery which is more disquieting. Many years ago I knew a woman who refused to accept ‘Sorry Flowers’ from her partner anymore. By this , she meant the bouquets that masked or attempted to make up for his misdemeanours . She jokingly advised her friends to do the same… ‘I hope they’re not Sorry Flowers?’ she would ask …This idea stuck with me. Long term relationships are rarely all hearts and flowers. Perhaps I could produce a romantic, flower filled version with ceramic flowers presented in a stemmed bouquet ? I also want to produce a different perspective where doubts, jealousy, mistrust and fears lie beneath the surface. These are the issues that need to be overcome if the relationship is to survive the initial flush of romantic love and develop into something stronger and more permanent. The outcomes might take various forms including a plate -like display for the wall ( possibly reversible ) and I would like to work it through on different scales.The starting points cover a broad spectrum from my own textiles to photos, tattoo designs and even a borrowed Fornasetti image. I will post again when I have ceramic outcomes …

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