A New Chapter


This wasn’t quite the situation I intended for a new chapter in my work … ironically my dream consisted of travel , Arts festivals and new connections . However I intend to make the most of this enforced isolation. I guess the fact I’m ‘blogging’ again after a long break is a positive outcome !
So far my work has been focussed on my immediate surroundings.. and why not ? I can’t imagine a much more stunning subject than the Derbyshire Dales. I also tried to express personal experiences of my anxiety issues through some of my work . …
2020 was going to be the year when I broke away from self – imposed limitations , faced fears about travel and made art about the wider world …. but I have a plan …..
I visited Florence in January . One of the cities on my ‘inspiration list’. We had a day there more than 20 years ago and felt that we had only scraped the surface . So here goes …. the starting point of my Florence ceramic/ textile(s) … an attempt to condense all the excitement,beauty and romance of the city onto one surface .

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